Royal Bhutan Helicopter Services Limited was incorporated as State Owned Enterprises on 9th July 2015 under the Companies Act of Kingdom of Bhutan 2000.

RBHSL is committed to provide efficient and affordable alternative transport in the country that is safe, comfortable and reliable. The government plans to use the helicopter for search and rescue, air medical evacuations, firefighting, moving cargo, transport of VIPs and government officials, and possibly even for tourism, among others.

Chartered Pricing

Through Zamu Travels you can enjoy Helicopter Tours. Following are the charter fee for helicopter services to visit few of the tourist attracting sites in Bhutan.

Do contact Zamu Travels @ us @ +975 77410110/ +65 8125 2665 in advance for booking.

FromToLanding SpotFlt time (minutes)Cost (in USD)
ParoThimphuLungtenphu RBA Ground20$1,458
ParoBumthangBatpalathang Airport110$8,021
ParoLayaLangothang Village80$5,833
ParoPunakhaZomling Thang50$3,646
ParoTrongsaSherubling HSS Ground80$5,833
ParoManasManas Park Football Ground150$10,938
ParoGasaGasa Public Ground52$3,792
ParoHaaImtrat Helipad12$875
BumthangGomthangHidden lake Tour (Bumthang-Gomthang-Bumthang)35$2552
BumthangKhomaTraditional Textile Tour (Bumthang-Khoma- Bumthang)50$3646
BumthangSaktengMerak-Sakteng Tour (Bumthang-Sakteng-Merak-Bumthang)107$7802
BumthangManasRoyal Manas Wildlife Tour (Bumthang-Manas-Bumthang)80$5833