Our Plan Your Own Trip Package allows you to choose the type of activities you prefer, time spent at any given location, type of hotels you prefer, etc. Instead of following activities and arrangements from a pre-planned package that may not be suitable for you, "Plan Your Own Trip" gives you the freedom to customize your trip to Bhutan like you would do for a Free and Easy trip.

For parts of your trip that you are not particular with, such as which hotels to stay in or activities to do, we are able to provide you with our recommendations.

After you have made a booking with us and submitted to us your itinerary, we will review it to see the feasibility of it (i.e. travelling time and distance, etc) before confirming it with you.

A thing to note is that even though we do our best to bring you the experience of Planning your own trip in Bhutan, it is still subject to tourism laws, which includes the daily tariffs, visa, tour guide, etc. We will try to work on your itinerary cover as much (your hotels, meals, guide, etc) as we can under the daily tariffs so that you will not have to spend more than you should.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Bhutan, or our packages and services.

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